Why should all of us do Aatm Saakshaatkar?

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A project report on comparative analysis of life before and after attaining Aatm saakshaatkar


The graph above shows the “mann kee shanti” analysis of before and after sakshaatkar. As per research by Raman maharishi and the findings of Bhagvad gita the “mann” becomes one with Aatma and there is no room for mann to be ashaant after saakshaatkar.

Vishraanti is the status of “mann” after Saakshaatkar, vishranti means deep and high state of peace of mind. Vishranti state is higher than shanti when we want something and get it, it is like shanti but imagine vishranti now it even higher level of shanti.

As per Lord Shiva “Ekantvaasi vitaraag muni ko jo sukh milta hai woh sukh na Indra ko aur na Chakravarti (poori prithvi ke raja) rajao ko milta hai”


In fact there would be problem to ‘problem’ after sakshaatkar but to show comparison we have to enter some value for ‘after saakshaatkar” so that both bars are comparable.

Also, as per the research by Ahmedabad based saint, Sant shri Asharmaji Bapu saakshaatkar is the lifetime solution to all problems once attained there would no issues in one’s life he means that if there is an issue it would not impact the person’s life and the person with saakshaatkar will always be in peace and happiness internally.



In the above graph we have tried to find various Benefits in a person’s life before and after Saakshaatkar

1Financial Benefit: Before sakshaatkar if a person can earn Rs. 20,000 per month, after sakshaatkar as his mental powers increases tremendously he can use that in his financial issues and thus financial benefit after sakshaatkar can increase multiple times or as per wish of the sadhak.

As per Ahmedabad based saint called sant shri Asharamji bapu in his own words “gyanwan ko sansaar mein safalta toh sahaj mein miltee hai, phir duniya kee cheezen toh uske peeche peeche aati hai. Also, as per some scriptures jo bhagwan ko priya hai woh maa laxmi ko bhi priy hai, so there is no need to worry about financial issue after Saakshaatkar one who is in the same status in which Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are, then will there be any financial issues for him? Next to impossible.

Bapuji also says “devta bhi brahmgyani ka darshan seva karke apna bhagya banana chahte hai aur manushya unkee bhakti karke moksh ko prapt hote hai”.

2. Health/fitness benefit: Normally people have certain health benefits, but once you have done sakshaatkar your mind is always in peace and there is no tension or depression it directly impacts your health and one would definitely have superior health and fitness after Saakshaatkar.

3. Psychological/mental benefit: Before saakshaatkar one can have lot of mental and psychological issues but once the person has done Saakshaatkar there would be absolutely no mental or psychological issue as one will be in divine and never ending bliss (anand), what has hypertension got to do there?

4. Respect from society/others: Before sakshaatkar one may or may not have respect from everyone but after sakshaatkar everybody would be attracted and have respect for them. I don’t know the science behind it but I have heard bapuji saying “pehle jo thukraate the unka mann badal jaayga aur woh bhi ab mitra honge”

5. Other benefits: Other benefits like being a privileged person in the society, always having fun and peace of mind irrespective of outside situations and loads and loads of other benefits that are infinite.

Bapuji once said "Poori prithvi ka raajy ho aur shareer swasth ho ye sansaari sukh kee parakaashtta hai, poori prithvi ke rajao se 100 guna sukh gandarvo ko hota hai, gandarvo se 100 guna sukh devtao ko hota hai, devtao se bhi 100 guna sukh Devraj Indra ko hota par Devraj Indra bhi swayam ko Brahmgyani ke aage bhikhari maanta hai"

Aaj Mukesh Ambani ke paas prithvi ka 100 va hisa bhi raajy nahi hai, toh phir hum log kuud kapat karke jo thode bahot dhan kathaa karenge uss se kya hojaygaa, nirdhukh toh sirf aur sirf aatm gyan se hee ho sakte hai aur koi upaay hee nahi hai


The biggest loss is wastage of entire life and the purpose of taking birth as human being not fulfilled if the person doesn’t opt for Saakshaatkar.

Also, there is absolutely NO LOSS or Disadvantage in doing sakshaatkar but to show comparison between the two we were bound to add some numeric value for it to show comparison in pie chart in fact the loss is 0.00%.

Living a life without sakshaatkar is like a pithu (a donkey) as per the research of sant shri Asharamji bapu he says people keep taking burdens of life and live like a donkey who only has to carry sand from one place to another and there is no worth of his life similarly living without sakshaatkar is living a life of a donkey which is not at all worthwhile for oneself and the society.

Also, there is always a risk in life of people without Saakshaatkar because before sakshaatkar everybody is bound in Karm Bandhan and they have to receive ffal of their good/bad karmas.


As per the findings it is highly recommended that one should immediately try and go for Saakshaatkar as there is no ghaata/loss/nuksaan in doing it and there is only faayda hee faayda in it.

There is only advantage in sakshaatkar, we tried hard but were unable to find any loss/disadvantage due to Saakshaatkar hence by making a smart move instead of living a life in tensions/depressions/pains/sufferings as per Nanakji (“nanak dukhiya sab sansaar”) it is 1000 times better to live a life like “shahenshah” living jivan mukta without any tense and always in divine bliss.

We believe that life after sakshaatkar is situation of “mauja hee mauja” one who does it enjoys divine bliss day and night and does not burn in three taaps of sansaar.

Moreover, the list of benefits and advantages is so long that it cannot be put here, Saakshaaktar is as per sant shri asharamji bapu “sab dukho ka sadaa ke liye antt” what else do you want?

Also, sant shri Asharamji bapu highly recommends doing Aatm aakshaatkar because he believes that, in his words “logo sochte hai MBA karlu, bas shaadi kar lu, bas paisa kama lu, bas yeh ho jaaye, bas itna ho jaaye, arre baiya ek baar saakshaatkar kar lo mauj ho jaaygee tumhari” also he says “log duniya bar ke course karte hai, na jaane keetnee hee degree lete hai phir bhi bichare dukhi hee rahte hai ek baar atma gyaan ho jaaye phir dekho dukh kahaan rehta hai”

Bapuji says “ek bar saakshaatkar ho jaaye phir dukh teekegaa nahi aur sukh mitegaa nahi”

Also, "think big, get big" why being satsified with little, sansaar ke do kodi ke sukh humko kya de dalega, woh sukh boge bhi toh aag chal ke dukh denge.

A funny quote can also be inspiring here "This is funny thing about life when you refuse to accept anything but the best, you only get that"


After analyzing we have found that instead of wasting time in solving each problem individually one should solve all the problems at one go, as Aatm saakshaatkar is the LIFETIME SOLUTION TO ALL THE PROBLEMS because no problems exists after one has achieved Aatm saakshaatkar, hence Work Smart, Why hard?

As per Bapuji “poori duniya ke log tumhari shishya ban jaaye, phir bhi dukh nahi meetega, gyan ke bina vasna nahi meettattee” also “sab punyo ka fal yahi hai kee tumhare hriday mein atma prakash ho jaaye”

source: Various satsangs of his holiness sant shri Asharamji Bapu and the magazine published from ashram called "Rishi prasad"

Monday, July 28, 2008

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